Junior Field Assistants

Pratik Care the Earth Geo Info Solutions Pvt Ltd

Industry: Projects

Total Positions: 10

Job Type: Contract

Gender: Male

Salary: 6000INR - 6000INR (Monthly)

Education: Diploma

Experience: 0-1 Years

Location:Arunachal Pradesh, Basar, India

Posted Date: 07-04-2022

a. Date of Interview: 27.07.2022
b. Place of Interview: College Campus  (Gobindapur Sephali Memorial Polytechnic)
c. Dressing Sense: Formal 
d. Time of Interview: 12:00 Noon onwards 
e. Number of Positions Remaining: 12
f. Mode of Interview: Written (50), Practical (30); Viva Voce & P.I (20)
g. Remuneration: Gross Pay: 9500.00 INR 6000 to be received in hand and 3500 for the purpose of Fooding and Accomodation. 
h. Annual Contact: Yes. Candidates selected will have to sign one year Annual Contract with the Company. For the first six months they will be in Probation period and for the next six months they will have to serve the Company. 
i. Annual rate of Increment : 5%- 20%. (5% for poor performance and 20% for Best performance)
j. Interview to be Conducted by: Ansuman Chakraborty, CSO cum Company HR, Miss Kayang Lego (LDC) and Shri Biswajit Ghosh ASO (Planning/ CAD) 
k. Documents Required: Secondary Examination, Higher vSecondary Examination and ITI Degree Credentials. Photocopy of each and it should be self attested. Two Copies of passport size photographs