Welder Fitter & Mechanical


Industry: Industrial

Total Positions: 10

Job Type: Full Time/Permanent

Gender: Male

Salary: 4500INR - 15000INR (Monthly)

Education: High school or equivalent

Experience: 0-1 Years

Location:West Bengal, Khatra, India

Posted Date: 04-01-2023

1. Manufacturing of metal doors, windows, compound gates, shutter gate collapsible and other related applications.

2. Candidates should be able to understand given tolerances, notes, specifications, dimensions, detailed views and section views.

3. Read and interpret blueprints, drawings, and specifications to determine layout requirements.

4. Quality-checking such as measuring and marking metal dimensions using precision tools such as rulers, squares, measuring tape, scale, right angle, degree protector, vernier calliper, spirit level, callipers etc.

5. Cut, shape, and fit metal components using manual or automated equipment such as saws, shears, and plasma cutters

6. Weld components using various welding techniques (MIG, TIG, Stick) to ensure high-quality and precise welds

7. Inspect welds and metal structures to ensure they meet quality standards and specifications

8. Operate and maintain welding equipment and tools in a safe and efficient manner

8. Collaborate with team members and supervisors to ensure project deadlines are met and quality standards are maintained

9. Adhere to safety protocols and procedures at all times to ensure a safe working environment.

10. ITI, Diploma in mechatronics fitter turner machinist, both freshers and experienced skilled.


1. Proven experience as a welder, fitter, or fabricator in a metal fabrication environment

2. Proficient in reading and interpreting blueprints, drawings, and specifications

3. Strong knowledge of welding techniques and equipment, including MIG, TIG, and Stick welding

4. Ability to accurately measure and cut metal components to specifications, tolerances, notes,

5. Familiarity with various metal fabrication processes, such as cutting, bending, and shaping

6. Attention to detail and a commitment to producing high-quality work

7. Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast-paced environment

8. Physically fit and able to perform tasks

9. Strong communication and interpersonal skills

10. Welding certification(s) preferred but not required

Other Details - 10 pass (Minimum). Age - 21 to 35. Salary up to Rs. 30,000.
Job location would be between 10 to 15 Km away from the candidate's home location. Contact HR Gourisankar by Call or WA at 9641080862 for CV or the application process or interview schedule